Helixir ME

Helixir ME is a med-tech startup based in Dubai. Their vision is for people in the region to make lifestyle and health choices based on medically-proven information that is good for their DNA, specifically. They conduct DNA-Tests to inform people about the effects of their current lifestyle, eating habits, workout routines and any other potential hereditary diseases they should be aware of.

Prior to our work, their website had absolutely no elements of their branding and information had been scattered with no real user experience and journey mapped out.

Having worked with us, we revamped the user interface to be more aligned with their brand and vision, as well as consulted with them on the type of content and product types to make it more available and easily understandable to the market.

We also worked on additional functionalities such as separate, secure access for digital user reports. In the pipeline is also an e-commerce functionality to allow users to purchase the DNA Testing Kit online. The end result was a brand new shiny website with more brand-aligned elements which has a more streamlined user journey.

What We Did

  • Web Development