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Interview With Brazilian Influencer Paty Sampaio – V7 Digital Agency

#V7DigitalInfluencer Campaign – Paty Sampaio

1.     What is your definition of social media?

Social Media is the best place to be connected with the world.  It allows us to expand our inner circle beyond our immediate physical network and build relationships and inspirations from around the globe.  Through Social Media, we’re able to discover more about ourselves by exploring the passions of others.


2.     What is your favorite social media platform?

I enjoy the visual element of Instagram.  With the fast-paced consumption of content on Social Media, visual cues allow for deeper connections at large volumes.  A picture is worth a thousand words, right?


3.     What is your target audience?

Because I’m passionate about fashion and beauty, my target audience is women between 18-40 that also love fashion and beauty.  It is not my goal to target a certain audience, but rather create meaningful content and share value with those who truly share my passions.


4.     Which type of content you believe engages the people the most?

Lifestyle content – by far.  This is my favorite type of content because it allows me to present myself as a real, normal person with passions and aspirations just like everybody else.  This is something I’m very proud to say that my audience really appreciates.


5.     How did you get started and what do you love the most about social media?

I started because I felt the need to share everything that I know about fashion and a few of my experiences of living outside my country.  Social media is the best place to share, to meet, to learn, to be connected with anybody, anywhere, anytime… how amazing is that? I can’t live without them anymore.


6.     One advice for social media users and one advice for brands

For users:  Create content that you and your audience will find to be really cool and interesting.  Explore the all the new and fascinating things that the world has to offer and share it enthusiastically.  Don’t be a boring person.

For brands:  Always advertise on social media.  That’s where the world is and that’s where you’ll find the most passionate and genuine audience.  Who isn’t seen, isn’t remembered.

Instagram Handle: @patysampaio_