Calcium Advertising

Calcium Advertising is a brand activation agency with their services extending from brand creation to event management. They have been in the region since early 2000’s and have worked with a multitude of clients such as international banks and government entities.

Prior to Tahawal, Calcium Advertising’s website was a simple website without much of their current branding elements at play. The information on their projects were vastly outdated and were in need of immediate updates.

Having been a family business, the next generation is now ready to take their place and approached us with a rebrand of their identity. We were consulted on the prospect of the rebrand and the implications of possible domain name changes, for which we explored multiple options.

Working with their marketing team, the project resulted in a complete revamp of the website and its contents, from portfolio to imagery, taking into account aspects such as website loading speed and mobile view. They were very happy with the end result, which spoke volumes of the new generation of management and the brand identity they were aiming for.

What We Did

  • Web Development